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Suburban removed from Virgin River

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VIRGIN, Washington County (AP) — It took 12 hours and 300 feet of cable, but a Chevy Suburban that washed into the Virgin River during a flood last August finally has been removed.

A crew of nine pulled the Suburban out, but not before ripping apart the 4,000-pound vehicle.

Casey Lofthouse of Hurricane said the owner's insurance company paid for equipment rental, the costs of disposing the Suburban and even the crews' time.

He said he wanted to help remove the vehicle, owned by a Las Vegas man, out of concern for the river and because it was an eyesore.

"I'm the kind of person who believes in taking action and getting what is needed done," Lofthouse said.

Andrew Jackson and his family were camping at the Zion River Resort when a storm sent a flood through the area. The Suburban was swept away for two miles, finally stopping along the river.

Jackson found the wrecked vehicle about a week later and was paid by his insurance company.

"The vehicle was packed with sand," said Lofthouse, who lives downstream from where it was lodged. "We ended up pulling off the doors, and the door panels were packed and all four tires were flat and packed with sand. It was pretty amazing how much sand was there."

Springdale Police Chief Kurt Wright is pleased with the removal.

"It could have caused some problems during spring runoff or in the summer with flash floods," he said.