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The Leonardo board OKs merger

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The Leonardo's board of directors Monday approved a merger with the Utah Science Center Foundation, an expected move in the development of the art and science center.

The Utah Science Center, YouthCity Artways and Center for Documentary Arts are founding partners of The Leonardo, which will be housed in the old main library in downtown Salt Lake City.

Shortly after being awarded use of the building, the groups formed the Library Square Foundation for Art, Culture and Science to consolidate and coordinate building renovation, fundraising and programming for The Leonardo.

"Even before the founding partners knew what it would mean and what it would take, they understood that together they could accomplish something far beyond what they could do individually," said Marshall Wright, chairman of The Leonardo's board of directors. "This new structure will make the organization more efficient and flexible, while still maintaining the highest level of subject-matter expertise. This is an important step in enabling The Leonardo to move forward with the focus required to create a world-class science and art center."

The Leonardo board has been working to consolidate business operations, decisionmaking processes and programming to create a more streamlined and sustainable organization. The merger of the science center represents the culmination of these efforts.

"Our boards have the same mission — to develop a facility that inspires the young and old to explore and stretch their potential, a place that nurtures both logic and creativity, and thus improves our quality of life, supports a more informed work force, and helps drive our economy," said Suzanne Winters, a member of the Utah Science Center board of directors.

The merger will be final on July 1, the start of the fiscal year.

Joe Andrade, director of the Utah Science Center, will become the director of The Leonardo's science team, and two members of the Utah Science Center Foundation board will join The Leonardo's board of directors. The Center for Documentary Arts and YouthCity Artways will work closely with The Leonardo on programming.