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Obituary: Sue Tsu Huang

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Sue Tsu Huang

1916 ~ 2008

Sue Tsu Huang was born July 1, 1916 and passed away March 30th. Sue was born in Tainan, Taiwan. Widowed at 30, she raised two sons on her own and emigrated to the US in 1976. She worked tirelessly to educate her sons to become a Ph.d in engineering and dentistry.

Adventurous, devout and loving, she was also gifted with her hands and was famous for her delicate silk flowers and embroidery. She loved traveling the world being able to speak Taiwanese, Mandarin, Japanese, and enough English to entertain everyone around her. Having outlived her sons she has looked forward to being with them and her dear husband again.

She is survived by a daughter-in-law, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and the many surrogate grandchildren she loved working with at Piccadilly Fish 'n Chips. She was a dedicated and devout member of the Salt Lake City Chinese Christian Church on 1910 E. 3900 South which will have a memorial service this Saturday at 2 p.m.