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Book review: ‘The Translator: A Tribesman’s Memoir’

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Title: "The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir"

Author: by Daoud Hari, as told to Dennis Michael Burke and Megan M. McKenna

Publisher: Random House

Pages: 207 pages

Price: $23

In a nutshell: In the spirit of courage and a desire to protect his people, Daoud Hari, a Darfur tribesman now living in Baltimore, has written an emotional yet gentle memoir about his own village being burned, and how after he gained refugee status in neighboring Chad, he became a translator and guide for American and British journalists who wanted to document the African genocide.

He remembers his traditional life of watching colorful weddings, racing camels across the desert and playing games in the moonlight, until his village was attacked in 2003. From then on, his mission became one of letting the world know about the sea of blood in his country, hoping fervently for international help. This is a book every American should read.