Face time

Ever heard of Russian tennis player Mikhail Youzhny? Neither has anyone else. At least until Youzhny bloodied his forehead by whacking himself with his tennis racquet at the Miami Masters last week.

When one of Youzhny's returns failed in the third set, he began muttering to himself, then unleashed three hard thwacks to his noggin. Next thing you know, blood was streaming down his nose.

Asked afterward if he made a habit of beating himself up, Youzhny told reporters with a laugh, "No! First time. It helped me so maybe I should have done it earlier, not when it is 5-4 and 30-30. I just went a little bit crazy."

He came back to beat Nicolas Almagro 7-6, 3-6, 7-6.

Coming soon to a sports page near you: "SINGH WINS MASTERS AFTER ATTACKING SELF WITH 5-IRON!"

Love of the game

Adam Sandler, star of such sports-related movies as "Happy Gilmore" and "The Waterboy," broke his ankle playing basketball last week.

But, his representative noted, Sandler did win his game.

Meanwhile, the film star has said nothing about retiring from the sport at age 41.

Apparently he feels a lot like Bobby Bouchner, a character he played in "The Waterboy."

"Everything is the devil to you, Mama!," he said. "Well, I like school, and I like football! And I'm gonna keep doin' them both because they make me feel good!"

That's entertainment

If Sandy city seems a bit ambitious, what with the new soccer stadium going up and plans for a performing arts center, a boutique district and a cluster of high rises, consider this: 'Burbs are hot right now.

At least that's the case in Arizona, where Glendale — a Phoenix suburb — has attracted four major league sports teams. The city has coaxed the Arizona Cardinals and the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes into playing there and now hosts the Chicago White Sox and L.A. Dodgers in spring training.

Glendale also hosted the 2007 BCS national championship game.

Tough act to follow. But look at it this way, Sandy: You may not get the NFL, but you did host the lead singer from 3 Dog Night at the Amphitheater a few of years back.

Some things just can't be improved upon.

Political hoops

Expect basketball to get a shot in the arm if Barack Obama becomes president.

The Democratic hopeful recently told Indianapolis radio station WFNI that if elected, he'll have a basketball court installed at the White House.

"There's not only a chance, but it's a guarantee," he said. "I tried bowling (Sunday) in Pennsylvania and threw two gutter balls. So we'll have a basketball court, at least a decent half court."

Word is he and Hillary Clinton have already agreed to at least one playground roundball rule in the race for president: Call your own fouls.

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