It is inspirational song week on Fox's "American Idol," but viewers of the show are wondering if

LDS finalists David Archuleta and Brooke White inspired enough votes to keep

them safe from eliminations on Thursday.

It is almost a given that Archuleta will stay on the show, at least for a few more rounds, because of his clearly established popularity with viewers. But for one of the few times this season, his performance last night gives him reason for worry.

By all accounts, Archuleta was not at his best when he sang "Angels" by Robbie Williams, with little or no follow through and a lack of connection to the song. "Idol" Judge Simon Cowell said it was "the best song choice of the night so far," but "I am not going to say it was your best vocal."In other words, t

he song was great, but the singer was not.

On the other hand, White sang great to a not-so-great song. Sorry James Taylor fans, but this song choice will not set White apart from the competition. The show's judges suggested that "

You've Got A Friend" by Carole King (and made famous by Taylor) was not the greatest song choice, and did not help her to connect with the particular audience members she is supposed to be wooing

over and earning votes from. "It was nice," Cowell said. "Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes."

That may not be enough for White, who was among the bottom-three vote-getters last week. The sad reality for all "Idol" contestants is that sometimes it isn't enough to just have a great voice. You also have to be able to generate votes, and "pleasant" may not be enough to do that for White.

Viewers will have to wait until Thursday night for the results of Tuesday night's voting, as "American Idol" is airing a special "Idol Gives Back" presentation Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, you can watch Whites most recent performance by clicking here and Archuleta's Tuesday performance by clicking here. Both performances are brought to you by