Darren McFadden burst through the middle during a drill and slowed up as he reached the secondary only to be scolded by offensive coordinator Greg Knapp for not running hard for 40 yards.

Tom Rathman got on McFadden's case another time when he carried the ball back to the huddle with his elbow not tucked in close to the body to secure the ball.

The NFL education of McFadden began at the Oakland Raiders rookie minicamp this weekend, when the fourth overall pick in the draft got his first taste of professional football.

McFadden said Saturday he noticed the difference from college as soon as he was handed pens, a highlighter and a notebook with his playbook. McFadden gets to work with rookies this weekend before joining the rest of the team later this month.

"It's good to get a few things so that you can understand and get the concept of it," he said. "Once you get the concepts of the first part of it, it's a lot easier to catch on to the rest of it when they throw it at you."