PROVO — A man who police believe committed two thefts while pretending to be a Wal-Mart employee has been arrested twice in recent weeks.

The man first walked into the Springville Wal-Mart's garden center on April 7, informing employees he was a loss-prevention official from the corporate office, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in 4th District Court.

Going behind the counter, he began inspecting the cash register and even answered a question from a customer, directing the person to the proper place, said Springville Lt. Dave Caron.

The man then pulled the register's plug, removed the cash drawer, tucked it under his arm and walked out of the store, Caron said.

"The drawer was worth more than the amount of money that was in it," Caron said.

Wal-Mart officials told police they lost $330 from the drawer, which costs $2,100, according to the affidavit.

On April 24, the same man tried to walk out of the store pushing a cart carrying a $1,200 flat-screen TV but was stopped by a real employee, Caron said.

The man insisted he was a Wal-Mart employee and that he bounces back and forth between Utah County Wal-Marts, Caron said.

The man tried to convince the employee he'd been on the clock working for at least two hours moving things, Caron said.

However, the suspicious employee called police who came and talked with the man. They confirmed he did not intend to pay for the television, Caron said.

He was arrested that night and booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of theft but was released the next morning after posting $2,500 bail.

Police working the TV case realized the man whom they just arrested looked like the man on security tapes walking out with the cash drawer, Caron said.

Officers confronted him at his Provo apartment this past Wednesday about the allegation, Caron said.

He was released Thursday morning after posting $5,000 bail.