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Hints from Heloise: Make sure gasoline is stored properly

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Dear Readers: Now that the grass is growing, flowers are blooming and trees are budding, it's time to begin mowing the lawn and caring for the flower beds and garden to keep everything manicured. Many of us use gasoline-powered lawn equipment and sometimes keep gasoline on hand. This highly flammable fuel is a part of our everyday lives, so here are some important fire-safety hints for storing gasoline:

• Gasoline can become unstable if it's stored in your power equipment for more than a month, so try buying only what you need and use it up.

• Gas should be stored in a well-ventilated area like a garage or shed — NEVER in the basement or inside your house.

• Keep it away from children and pets, and downslope from your water well, if you have one.

• Also, store and transport gas only in plastic or metal containers made for that purpose.

• Always use a spout, so that the gas will not spill when pouring.

• When refilling your gas-powered equipment, allow it to cool down before refueling.—Heloise

Dear Heloise: When traveling by air, you cannot bring bottled water from home to drink on the plane. So I put an empty water bottle in my carry-on and fill it after I've been through security. It saves me from having to buy expensive bottled water at the airport. —Jennie Lea, Poway, Calif.

Dear Heloise: If you are hosting an open house (showing your home for sale — Heloise), keep in mind that there will be people attending whom you are not on close, friendly terms with.

To make your open house more worry-free, first install a lock on a storage-area door, and put your jewelry box and other small, attractive or valuable items that would easily fit in a pocket in it. Also, check your medicine cabinets. Are there prescription drugs that you might not want publicized or that could be sold on the street? Put those in a less-conspicuous or secured area. —Dick E., San Diego

Dear Heloise:When painting in tight spaces, I invariably get paint in my hair. I've found the complimentary, disposable shower caps from hotels to be a good covering. When the project is finished, I just throw the cap away. My hairstyle is intact and paint-free!—Ellen Kelly, Farmington, Conn.

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