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Book review: ‘Farewell, My Subaru’

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Title: "Farewell, My Subaru"

Author: Doug Fine

Publisher: Villard

Pages: 211

Price: $24

In a nutshell: Journalist Doug Fine has paved the way for a new career as a comedian with this entertaining yet informative book on going green in New Mexico.

Establishing a ranch near Silver City, Fine proceeded to take all the necessary steps to make his life environmentally correct. In the process, he spent almost a week hanging off a 20-foot-high windmill in a windstorm installing solar panels. He was routinely chased by mountain lions while feeding his goats. He used the waste oil vats from a Chinese takeout to fill his truck with veggie oil.

Once he chased a local coyote pack away from his goats — naked while carrying a shotgun in the middle of the night. A local river flooded his ranch with severity comparable "to the last Ice Age." But it was all for a worthy cause.