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What happened to Jethro, Elly May?

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Question: What happened to Donna Douglas and Max Baer Jr. after "The Beverly Hillbillies" went off the air?

Answer: Well, Elly May kept on caring for critters down by the cement pond, and Jethro graduated from being a double-naught spy to president of the United States! Oh — you mean in real life.

Max Baer Jr. got into making B-movies in the 1970s, including "Macon County Line" and "Ode to Billy Joe." Most recently he bought the rights to the name Jethro Bodine and announced plans to open a casino named Jethro's. He's 70.

As for Douglas, she performs as a gospel singer. After the show went off the air in 1971, she made guest appearances on episodes of "Adam-12" and "McMillan & Wife," among others. She's 74.

Question: In the late 1960s, I remember a TV production that was a dramatization of the trial of a prison camp commander during the Civil War. I haven't seen it since. Can you tell me the title and if it's on DVD?

Answer: Sounds like "The Andersonville Trial," a PBS production that won a bunch of Emmy Awards in 1970. The cast includes William Shatner, Richard Basehart, Martin Sheen, Cameron Mitchell, Jack Cassidy and Buddy Ebsen. It's on DVD.

Question: I was watching a rerun of "Frasier" recently and one of the actors looked familiar. The episode was the one in which a board member dies and Frasier hires the deceased's gentleman's gentleman. The butler looked like the attorney who owns the law firm that employs Eli Stone on "Eli Stone." Is he, indeed, one and the same person? Or do my old eyes need new glasses?

Answer: Your old eyes are just fine. The fellow is named Victor Garber, who plays Jordan Wethersby on "Eli Stone" and who was Jack Bristow on "Alias." He appeared in that 2000 episode of "Frasier," titled "Taking Liberties."