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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle

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Tuesday, Jun. 10:— "Faith Seeking Definition" succinctly discusses differing viewpoints on faith. Concluding with "The unknown beckons, the known assures... Faith lets the paradox play," the post is well worth exploring. Fascinating! — A beautiful, serene, and above all hopeful blog Fireflies of Hope calmed me as I read. What lovely sentiments throughout the posts on Gods calendar, undisguised hope and living abundantly. Once again, thanks to A Soft Answer for the link.— Ever wanted to become a monk/nun? In "Becoming The First Mormon Nun," The Faithful Dissident discusses Mother Teresa and the ideal of giving your all in sacrifice and service. Provoking thoughts, and now I want to read the book she cites!— Religious life = healthier living? So surmises Michael Otterson, who explains "Religious Devotion Can Bring Tangible Health Benefits." Nicely, he includes links to studies to find out more. Awesome!