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Jordan split handled poorly

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Concerning the fiasco of the Jordan School District split on June 3, when 11 west-side legislators and city leaders crowded around a microphone, asking that the governor call a special session of the Legislature to consider delaying the implementation of the split: They said the Legislature should be allowed to resolve the situation amicably.

Which way is it to be? Another bad, poorly thought out decision by the House of Lords, which in its thinking would be an "amicable" resolution, or what it should have been in the first place — a decision by the citizens and parents who are concerned with the outcome?

Any thinking person could see that such a split would end up costing everyone in the district a lot of extra tax dollars, so why didn't everyone get to vote, as they would have for a bond election?

This is what happens when the Legislature plays super school board and when the influence of a few power- and prestige-hungry local politicians outweighs logical thinking.

Fred Ash