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The winners and the losers

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Winner: Critics of the Boy Scouts should pay attention to what happened this week after a tornado swept through a Scout camp in Iowa, killing four boys. The remaining boys, trained to be prepared, quickly applied tourniquets and gauze and administered first aid to the survivors. They dug victims from the rubble. They didn't panic.

Officials, including Iowa's governor, said they saved lives. While the storm was a terrible tragedy, the Scouts who lived through it showed why the program is so valuable.

Loser: We're not sure what possessed school officials in Oceanside, Calif., to stage the deaths of several students this week in an effort to traumatize kids into not drinking and driving, but it was terribly misguided. Many students were shaken; some were hysterical. When they were told it was all a hoax, many of them became angry, and rightfully so. Grief is not an emotion with which to trifle.