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A panda eats special food prepared as a result of a shortage of bamboo in the wake of the May 12 quake.

A panda eats special food prepared as a result of a shortage of bamboo in the wake of the May 12 quake.

Alexander F. Yuan, Associated Press

China: Habitat quake-damaged

BEIJING — A Chinese forestry official said Tuesday that giant panda habitat in China's Sichuan province, the endangered animal's main preserve, was devastated by last month's massive earthquake.

The world-renowned Wolong Nature Reserve and 48 others created in the province to protect the pandas and other endangered species were damaged by the quake, said Cao Qingyao, a spokesman for the State Forestry Administration.

Britain: Radical freed on bail

LONDON — Radical preacher Abu Qatada, once called Osama bin Laden's "spiritual ambassador in Europe," was released on bail Tuesday in a court decision that dealt an embarrassing blow to the British government's anti-terror campaign.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith reacted by saying the government will protect national security and public safety, despite the unwanted release of Abu Qatada.

Iran: Children executed

CAIRO, Egypt — Iran has sentenced 177 people under the age of 18 to death over the past decade and has executed nearly 3 dozen of them, a human rights group said Tuesday.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran published on its Web site a list of the 114 minors who still remain in prison awaiting execution, some of whom are now older than 18. The youngest person on the list was a 12-year-old boy sentenced by a court in 2005.

Mexico: U.S.-style justice

MEXICO CITY — Mexico threw open the doors to its judicial system Tuesday, allowing U.S.-style public trials and creating a presumption of innocence.

Under the long-awaited constitutional amendment signed by President Felipe Calderon, guilt or innocence will no longer be decided behind closed doors by a judge relying on written evidence.

Pakistan: Ousted judges paid

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan's new government has paid the salaries of the Supreme Court justices ousted by President Pervez Musharraf last year, a move the governing coalition says highlights its commitment to reinstating the judges, officials said Tuesday.

Restoring the judges to the bench, a key demand of protesting lawyers, could endanger Musharraf's presidency. The stalwart U.S. ally ousted them in November before they could rule on the legality of his re-election a month earlier.

Turkey: Kurds killed in Iraq

ANKARA — Artillery units killed most of a 21-member Kurdish rebel group in northern Iraq as it moved toward the Turkish border, the military said Tuesday.

The military's Web site said the shelling had rendered the group, which was trying to sneak into Turkey, "ineffective" — a term used by the military to refer to killed rebels.

Zimbabwe: Arrests possible

HARARE — President Robert Mugabe threatened to arrest opposition leaders he accused of supporting mounting election violence, state radio reported Tuesday.

Mugabe on Monday accused Morgan Tsvangirai and other leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change of condoning "arson and violence across the country," state radio reported. Mugabe called the violence systematic, showing that it was organized by opposition leaders, the radio quoted him saying.