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Bridge movement will restrict Tuesday night traffic in Sugarhouse

SHARE Bridge movement will restrict Tuesday night traffic in Sugarhouse

A three million pound bridge will be moved back to its original location tonight after a deflection in the front most carrying beam of the structure continues to concern engineers.

The same deflection halted the crews progress Sunday, and will continue to haunt them until additional parts to support the beam arrive over the weekend.

Crews will begin moving the bridge back to the farm around 11 p.m. During the move, eastbound and westbound traffic in the area will be reduced to single lanes and the 1300 East thoroughfare will be closed.

"There is a 98 percent chance that we could complete the project now," said Adan Carrillo, public information officer for the Utah Department of Transportation. "But we don't want to work in the risk presented by that other 2 percent."

The project was first delayed Sunday after sensors crisscrossing the structure predicted the the front most carrying beam was under more strain then supervisors for the site felt comfortable with. Crews attempted to reinforce the beam by welding additional supports to it, yet after more tests engineers recommended the bridge be sent back to the farm for more work.

"The bridge itself is excellent," Carrillo said. "It's the carrying beam that is disconcerting."

UDOT is hoping that bridge movements can begin again next weekend.

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