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At war to save our way of life

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The situation we find ourselves in concerning energy did not happen overnight. Through inaction of our elected officials and lack of interest by citizens we are now at the mercy of OPEC. We must approach increased energy production like we did with sending a man to the moon.

We must make energy independence priority No. 1. We need to sweep aside all political roadblocks and special-interest groups. The citizens of this country must become a power for energy policy change and stop being victims.

We need to increase the research and development of new forms of energy for the future, but we need fossil fuels now. Open up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and coastal waters for oil and gas development. Restart the production of oil from shale in Utah and Colorado. Build new oil refineries. Build new coal and gas electrical generating plants.

We are at war to save our way of life. We need to be more concerned about the people and economy of this country than obscure species or greenhouse gases.

Richard Reese

Washington, Washington County