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Co-owner of Flix Club gets 210 days in jail

He was convicted of sexual activity with minor, other charges

Isaac R. Lifferth
Isaac R. Lifferth

AMERICAN FORK — A man who participated in and arranged sexual encounters with underage girls will spend 210 days in jail.

Isaac Lifferth, 24, was sentenced Friday in 4th District Court on two third-degree felonies of sexual activity with a minor and misdemeanors of patronizing a prostitute and possession of a controlled substance.

He was ordered to report to the Utah County Jail on July 4 to spend 210 days in jail, then another 60 days on the jail's ankle GPS monitoring program. Lifferth was also ordered to have no unsupervised contact with females under the age of 18 and will spend 36 months on probation.

"The sentence that was imposed was appropriate for this case, given the fact that Mr. Lifferth had sexual relations himself with underage girls, then set up opportunities for the co-defendant to have sexual relations with those same girls," prosecutor Curtis Larson said after the hearing.

Lifferth and Daniel Thompson, co-owners of the edited-movie store, Flix Club, in Orem were both arrested Jan. 24 after a mother called Orem police to report that her 14-year-old daughter told her she had been having sexual relations with older men and had been paid $20 each time.

Lifferth allegedly met the two girls through another girl and arranged through text messages for them to perform sexual favors on him as well as Thompson.

Defense attorney Jere Reneer said he initially thought the sentence was a bit harsh but acknowledged the wisdom of Judge David Mortensen's reasoning.

Reneer said Mortensen pointed out Lifferth's own statement in the pre-sentence report, where Lifferth said he questioned the girls about their age, then about how long they'd been doing what they did. They said 18, and several years, Reneer said.

"But the judge mentioned that that ... showed that (Lifferth) had some concerns that they might not be old enough."

Reneer said his client wanted the court to know that he was sorry and that something like this would never happen again.

"The testing ... made it clear, this was not a predator, not someone out looking for little girls," Reneer said. "It was a situation that presented itself, and had he been wiser, he wouldn't have pursued."

Prosecutors and police could not comment about any potential charges the juvenile females might be facing.

Thompson, who is charged with two felonies of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and a misdemeanor of patronizing a prostitute, will be in court again on July 11.

His encounters with the girls took place in a back room of the Flix Club store in Orem.

When police conducted a search of the business — which closed in December due to legal concerns over edited movies — police found pornographic DVDs, a keg of beer, alcohol and Lortab pills without a prescription, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in 4th District Court.