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Al-Qaida strategy is working

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One of the most persistent arguments supporting the so-called war on terror is that the United States has not experienced another 9/11-type event.

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA officer in charge of the Osama bin Laden unit, recently responded to that myth. He gave three major reasons why al-Qaida has not attempted another attack:

1. They want to keep the United States in the Middle East as long as possible to cause us financial stress (if not bankruptcy), tie down our troops and create domestic dissension at home;

2. Al-Qaida forces have grown at a faster rate than they had ever dreamed possible because of the presence of our forces in the Middle East;

3. They want Americans to believe that "staying the course" is what's keeping them safe.

It looks, to me, like a very successful strategy.

Steven E. Yorgason