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The winners and the losers

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Loser: The price of jewelry may be hard to digest, but we're guessing it's not as hard as the jewelry itself. Thieves can be sneaky, but when 41-year-old Norma Porchas was charged this week with allegedly swallowing two gold bracelets at a Salt Lake pawn shop, she took that to a new level.

It's a crime with a cautionary tale. Don't buy jewelry you suspect was stolen. You never know where it has been.

Winner: There's nothing wrong with a little out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to punishing people for crimes. When a prosecutor in Vermont was faced with 28 young people guilty of breaking into and trashing a former residence of famed poet Robert Frost, he decided to let the poet do the rehabilitating. The young hoodlums will get a break if they complete a special course on Frost and his works.

It's a nod to the redemptive power of poetry. And while the worst offenders still have to pay restitution and provide community service (the man who bought the beer got three days in the slammer), they are bound to emerge with a greater appreciation for the world around them.