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Robbie Knievel jump may be his last in Texas

SHARE Robbie Knievel jump may be his last in Texas

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel successfully completed a shortened jump Saturday night at Texas Motor Speedway.

Knievel jumped over 21 Hummer vehicles, four less than had originally been planned because of a headwind gusting more than 30 mph. The landing ramp protected the last three of the large SUVs in the line, though Knievel easily cleared all the vehicles and avoided crashing even after hitting the landing ramp off-center.

"I just hung on because it was just straight up and down, the wind right in my face. It was a little spooky," Knievel said. "But thank God. Again!"

The 46-year-old Knievel, who has made more than 250 jumps since he was 9 years old, had said this would probably be his last jump in Texas.