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Mormon Olympic fencer loses individual epee round

BEIJING — Venezuelan Olympic fencer Maria Gabriela Martinez Gascon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lost 15-9 to Sophie Lamon of Switzerland on Wednesday in Beijing.After the first period of the women's individual-epee round of 32, Martinez Gascon was down 5-3. By the end of the second round, she had scored two more points, but her competition had scored five. Martinez Gascon scored a point early in the third period, bringing her within four points of Lamon, but never caught up, ending with nine points while Lamon had 15. The bout lasted eight minutes and 26 seconds.Martinez Gascon received All Placings at the 2004 Olympic games and 2007 World Championships. She finished in the top eight at the 2000 Olympic games.