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Davis horseplay leads to big kiss on first date

Davis County Commissioner Alan Hansen plants a big smooch on Reno Tuesday outside the Davis County Courthouse in Farmington.
Davis County Commissioner Alan Hansen plants a big smooch on Reno Tuesday outside the Davis County Courthouse in Farmington.
Keith Johnson, Deseret News

FARMINGTON — Alan Hansen prefers brunettes. On two legs or four, raven tresses are his favorite. Hansen, a Davis County commissioner, shared a moment Tuesday with a 3-year-old Farmington quarter horse named Reno.

Hansen spoke softly to her, petting her head and reassuring her.

A perfect gentleman, he applied ChapStick to his lips and popped in a breath mint courtesy of Davis County Treasurer Mark Altom.

Both Hansen and Reno seemed a bit nervous to have their first kiss.

"You're the first, baby," Hansen said to her.

Reno seemed nervous to be in Hansen's presence. The man is, after all, one of only three county commissioners in Davis County. Hansen's nervousness stemmed from the horse's formidable looking teeth.

Like a giddy young couple, Hansen and Reno got close and backed away.

So coy, that Reno. So coy.

They got close and backed away. Then, Hansen made his move, planting a kiss on Reno's face.

In a second, it was over. And it's true what they say, you never forget your first.

After the applause died down outside at the Davis County Memorial Courthouse, Hansen admitted it could have been worse.

Saturday night the commissioners learned that their employees had won a weight-loss contest against the employees of the Davis Hospital by .68 percent. Employees were motivated to lose weight in order to see their bosses kiss a farm animal.

It could have been worse for Hansen. He could have had to kiss a drooling steer, like his fellow commissioners did at Saturday's PRCA rodeo on the closing night of the Davis County Fair.

In 2007, Davis Hospital administrators were forced to kiss a pig in front of the roaring rodeo crowd, but this year, a massive black steer, the fair's prize winner, got to do the honors with the Davis commissioners.

Commissioners Bret Millburn and Louenda Downs said it was nauseating to kiss the slobbering steer.

"He was not in an amorous mood," Millburn said.

They joke that their spouses have forgiven them but still only give kisses on the cheek.

But Hansen was noticeably absent from Saturday's love fest, so Millburn and Downs drafted a resolution calling for Hansen to kiss a horse during commission meeting.

"It brings us back to what Davis County is all about," Downs said. "It makes us one with the land and the animals."

"It's all for one and one for all," Millburn said.

So Tuesday's encounter was one part joke, one part payback and 10 parts hilarity.

Hansen, the commission jokester, said he had a prior commitment judging a rock band that kept him from kissing the steer Saturday, but praised the other commissioners' prank.

"I'm usually the one providing the comic relief, so kudos to you two," he said. "I will get even with the other commissioners."