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1A high school football: All-State teams


Bradley Holmes, RichQB/LB, 5-8, 185, Sr.

The Rebels dominated 1A football this year, and Holmes was a big reason why. He passed for 1,216 yards and 13 TDs while also rushing for 1,115 yards and 18 TDs. Defensively he finished as Rich's leading tackler from his linebacker position


Caden Andersen, QB/LB Rich, 6-3, 195, Sr., 15 total TDs

Hayden McKee, RB/LB, Rich, 5-10, 175, Sr., Averaged 8 tackles

Clint Cornelison, WR/DB, Rich, 6-2, 170, Sr., 4 INTs, avg 6 tackles.

Josh Nelson, FB, S, Mon. Valley, 5-10, 165, Sr., 1,630 yds, 21 TDs

Cooper Cornia, LB/RB, Rich, 5-9, 160, Sr., 9 rushing TDs

Travis Potter, RB/LB, Duchesne, 5-9, 160, Sr., Led team in rushing

Jacob Idhe, QB/FS, Milford, 5-8, 155, Jr., 16 rushing TDs

Austin Thompson, OL/DL, Duchesne, 6-1, 230, Sr., Two2-year starter

Zach Hatch, RB/LB, Altamont, 5-7, 160, Jr., 909 yards, 13 TDs

Waylon Thompson, RB/LB, Altamont, 5-8, 160, Sr., 890 yds, 70 tackles

Tyson Larsen, OL/LB, Rich

6-0, 215, Sr., Heart of O-line

Jacob Verde, RB/LB, Duchesne, 5-11, 170, Sr., Team's top receiver

Chris Manuele, OL/DL, Milford, 6-1, 190, Sr., Anchored both lines

Kyle Wilkerson, OL/DL, Duchesne, 6-3, 235, Sr., 3-year starter

Kendal Maughan, RB/LB, Monticello, 5-10, 150, Jr., 88 tackles, 9 TDs

Devin Wright, QB/S, Monticello, 5-11, 165, Jr., 18 total TDs, 8 INTs


QB/DB: Bryson, Foy, Altamont, Sr.

QB/DB: Shad Thomas, Duchesne, Jr.

RB/LB: Brock Bradshaw, Milford, Sr.

RB/LB: Devin Fabrizio, Duchesne, Jr.

RB/DB: Cody Groll, Rich, Jr.

RB/LB: Edger Haskan, Whitehorse, Fr.

RB/DE: Adam Martinez, Monticello, Sr.

RB/DB: Chad Netto, Milford, Jr.

FB/LB: CJ Cordasco, Monticello, Jr.

WR/LB: Devan Jones, Duchesne, Sr.

WR/DE: Danner June, Monument Valley, Sr.

WR/DB: Malik Sawyer, Layton Christian, Sr.

WR/DB: Garrett Sorensen, Altamont, Sr.

WR/DB: Cory Young, Monticello, Jr.

WR/DE: Guilbert Gillis, Mon. Valley, Sr.

TE/DE: Denzel Gibson, Layton Christian, Jr.

OL/DL: McGavin Blackgoat, Mon. Valley, Sr.

OL/DL: Marty Burt, Duchesne, Sr.

OL/DL: Austin Clark, Rich, Sr.

OL/DL: Tyler Denny, Milford, Jr.

OL/DL: Kalon Larson, Rich, Jr.

OL/DL: Shelby Thayne, Altamont, Jr.

OL/LB: M.J. Wagstaff, Monticello, Sr.

OL/DL: D.J. Wilson, Layton Christian, Sr.

LB/DL: Zaquri Brinkerhoff, Altamont, Jr.

K: Russell Brinkerhoff, Altamont, Sr.