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'Go, Dog. Go!' is bright and colorful

"Go, Dog. Go!" through Dec. 27, Salt Lake Acting Company (801-363-0526); running time: 50 minutes (no intermission)

Having reviewed shows for two years now, I've not yet been able to take my daughter, since she's only 2.

But, an unlikely theater company changed that. Salt Lake Acting Company just opened its first children's production, "Go, Dog. Go!" Though it targets kids 3 and older, I took the 2-year-old, held my breath and hoped for the best.

To my delight, my daughter loved it. She was mesmerized.

As I looked around at the audience, I was surprised and pleased to see rapt attention by pretty much all of my toddler's young counterparts.

Based on the popular children's book by P.D. Eastman, the SLAC production, directed by Jerry Rapier, is bright and colorful with catchy tunes.

Keven Myrhe's set is almost too cute, as many of the audience members wanted to play in the big dog houses. The pictures and cutouts were darling and nicely done in the style of the book.

And it is fun to see actors, veterans on the SLAC stage, take on much lighter fare. Colleen Baum is a great narrator dog, and the rest of the dog pack — Dustin Bolt, Deena Marie Manzanares, Shannon Musgrave, Jay Perry and Nathan Shaw — dance, skate, scoot, drive and play their way through the 50-minute show.

The simple costumes, colored shirts and matching dog ears let the kids focus on the expressive faces and important words — "go," "stop," "work," "play," "over," "under," etc.

The show is really a lot of fun and a perfect way to introduce your kids to theater. SLAC has also done a good job of making the whole theater have a fun, kid-friendly vibe. On Saturday matinees, SLAC will host Intermountain Therapy dogs for petting.

A big round of applause to SLAC on its first foray into the kid market, and for a lovely introduction to the art for my own daughter.