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Man dies, infant critical after auto accident

SOUTH OGDEN — The driver of a sports utility vehicle died when his vehicle smashed into the back of a flatbed semi truck on I-84 Friday evening, and his infant backseat-passenger was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

The accident occurred just East of I-15.

The fully loaded semi truck was parked "well" inside the emergency lane when a Lincoln SUV struck it while headed westbound, Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Todd Johnson said.

The driver of the semi truck, who was carrying a box truck and a Chevrolet pickup on his truck's flatbed, pulled off to adjust the straps on his load after driving just a few miles, Johnson said. "He was trying to be responsible."

But when he climbed back into his cab, the SUV hit from behind. The semi truck driver was not injured.

The infant was in a child seat and was transported via ambulance.

Troopers aren't sure why the SUV veered into the emergency lane and say the cause is still under investigation.

— Jacob Hancock