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Mormons serve for Oregon's 150th birthday

In western Oregon, 31 stakes are celebrating the state's 150th birthday

with a potpourri of diverse and large-scale service projects.

The vast majority of the service occurred July 25, running the gamut

from assembling emergency preparedness kits and collecting food donations

to beautifying schools and cleaning up cemeteries. A few stakes' projects

took place as early as April and some won't occur for another


Elder Marvin T. Brinkerhoff, an Area Seventy, visited several of the

service outings on July 25.

"They were wonderful," he said. "My wife and I got in the car and

traveled all over the Portland area and visited six of them. We were very

pleased — I think they met or exceeded our expectations in nearly

every case.

"It was just wonderful to go see firsthand what people were doing, and

also to see the reaction of those who were benefiting from this service. We

met public officials and school leaders along with our members. It was very

heartwarming to see not only the enthusiasm of the members but the

gratitude from the community."