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Sister Lant: Gathering occurs via obedience, sacrifice

Primary General President Cheryl C. Lant spoke at BYU-Idaho Education Week about how the concept of gathering affects church members."From the early days of the restoration of the church," she said, "there has been a great day of gathering. ... This principle of 'gathering' is an eternal principle. We are bound by it just as were the early Saints."Sister Lant said that the gathering of early Mormon families occurred as they physically flocked to Zion in large numbers to build temples and receive ordinances. For modern-day Saints, however, gathering is no longer a physical phenomenon."Today we have members all around the world and we gather differently," she said. "New members are not asked to leave their homes and come to Utah. Rather, we gather in branches, wards and stakes in our own areas."

Sister Lant said the "gathering" currently occurring throughout the church has a profoundly deep impact on individuals despite requiring a different kind of sacrifice than it used to. She spent the majority of her remarks examining various aspects of the ongoing gathering, suggesting the function of "gathering" for individual church members is to figuratively gather from darkness to light via obedience and sacrifice.

"Brothers and sisters, we live in a dark and dreary world where evil influences lurk on every side," Sister Lant said. "Each of us must ask, 'What must I sacrifice to gather out of the dark world, and come to the light? What in my life must I change in order to be part of the Lord's harvest?' "See the full story on

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