It must have been a real display of bravery and courage for more than 1,000 patrons to "holler, boo, hiss" and assail those seven members of the Jordan School Board. It's too bad they went after the wrong people. No surprise that Royce Van Tassell of the Utah Taxpayers Association was the first to speak against the tax hike. It was Van Tassell's brand of ultra-conservative members of the state Legislature who tweaked the legislation two or three years ago that created the entire mess. I was a member of the Utah State Board of Education when we reviewed the proposed legislation that would create a platform allowing school districts to be split. We did not support that idea. But the thugs who held the leadership positions in the legislature typically ignored the school board's concerns.

If you come upon a stream that's being polluted you must go upstream to find the source of the pollution. That leads you directly to our state Legislature. Those frustrated members of the audience should now take the time to search out the voting records of their legislators and see how they voted on the issue.

Gary C. Swensen