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Diabetic myths debunked

Please let me "conclusively" debunk mythical propaganda posted to the Readers' Forum. Millions of healthy, strong children and adults, like myself, including day one newborns, have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes long before they ever ingested a single bit of "animal product." There is absolutely, unequivocally, zero evidence linking Type 1 diabetes to the "consumption of animal products." In many cases of Type 2, it is brought on by excessive caloric intake, not animal products.

Preston McCormack's (Readers' Forum, Aug. 9) attitude clearly evidences his commitment to taking away from people the "freedom to eat," just as the government is trying to take away my freedom to choose my health insurance. So the next time you look at your diabetic neighbor in disgust, don't assume too much. And, please, don't tread on me!

David Reoch

South Jordan