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Emily W. Jensen: Bloggernacle Back Bench: Temple anniversary


is my temple anniversary. Ten years ago, I went through the temple

for the first time. Coincidentally, a tornado touched down in Salt Lake

City ten years ago today as well. I just remember the bizarre

crackling feel to the atmosphere, and after I heard the news, I

was just glad I attended the Logan Temple instead of the Salt Lake


In honor of my 10-year temple-versary, I decided to feature some

temple-related sites, blogs, videos and photos. Enjoy!

Temple photos:

Temple photos can be both artistic and awe-inspiring, as evidenced by the photos found throughout the Flickr Group: LDS Temples. Scroll through the images that impart both

majesty and wonder. I love the various temple pictures depicted in so

many different lights and angles. Note, however, that you'll need to

check the rights for using the pictures beyond just viewing as many are

\"All rights reserved.\"

Temple videos:

lds9999's YouTube video list of Mormon

Temples is impressive! There are 126 in total, so most temples are

represented. Find your favorite temple or learn about a new one with

these beautiful presentations set to lovely music.

Temple site: Church Temples is a \"labor of love\" by Rick Satterfield. Many

times, in Google searching temple-related information, I'll hit

upon this well-done Web site. Take a moment to peruse the photograph

gallery, download the free temple screensaver, or check out my favorite

part, a compilation showing the status of temples newly announced or under construction.

Temple blogs: I found these

gems while

searching for temple-themed posts in the past week or so. First, the blogger remembers her first visit to

Temple Square and then is \"Making a Memory\" with her family by taking her kids for their first

time to Temple Square. Enjoy the ensuing comments filled with

other delightful Temple Square memories.If you are a missionary preparing to serve, this post explains how LDS temples are an integral part of missionary work. With many quotes

explaining the importance of the temple, it also provides the answer

for prospective missionaries about why: \"1. The temple endowment gives

missionaries power from on high to do their work. 2. Baptism is the

first step toward higher ordinances of salvation received at the


And speaking of missionary work, I was delighted by this \"Temple Excursion\"

to the Guadalajara Mexico Temple, where one couple

was sealed and another went through for the first time. And hopefully

10 years from now, she'll be fondly remembering her first temple


Now let's find other serene posts from this past week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: I had a hard time getting past the scientific terms of this title,

but after clicking in a few times and then quitting, I finally read the post and enjoyed this temple testimony about \"How Sacrificing a Few Hours for Temple Service Saved My Laser Doppler

Paper.\" And while I still have no idea what a laser doppler is, I was

pleased to see that \"while at the Temple, it was actually refreshing to

get away from my obsession with that paper and all the number

crunching.\" And then while sitting there, this blogger realized he had

made a major error. And his conclusion from the experience \"The answer

to my unquestionable incompetence sometimes (not always) seems to be

doing my duty, making sacrifices for the right things, and letting the

Lord help me fix my problems in ways that transcend my feeble skills.\"

Forgotten gem: Rewind to February 3, 2007, for a enthralling experience of one temple-goer who enjoyed

watching American Sign Language in the temple. He explains: \"As I watched the

interpreter present the signs for the words of the endowment, I was

filled with a sense of wonder and awe. Moreover, I felt tremendous

gratitude that the temple is available to bless the lives of all

members, regardless of their ability to see or hear.\" What a

lovely temple testimony!

Techie tip: Hopefully you have visited this site often. In my

case, I use it to find temple times and closures, addresses or just to peruse the history of temples. The official church site for temples

is full of useful temple information including events and notices, site

pages for the individual temples (nicely organized alphabetically,

geographically and chronologically) and frequently asked questions. The

site is clean, predominately white, and easy to navigate — similar to

temples themselves. I noticed on this visit that the new temple video

from Mormon Messages on \"Why Mormons Build Temples\" is featured

on the main page.