OGDEN — An Ogden man who demanded a lantern back from a woman is now being investigated in an aggravated assault and the discharge of a firearm after police say he threatened the man who returned the lantern.

Back in June, the man, 29, went on a climbing trip and expressed interest in a woman he met on the trip, said Ogden Police Lt. Scott Conley. The man gave the woman a lantern and told her she could keep it, but he later changed his mind once he realized she wasn't interested romantically, Conley said.

He sent the woman a text message asking that she return the lantern, but because she didn't like him "like that" and he made her "uncomfortable," she asked a friend to return the lantern for her, the lieutenant said.

Sunday, when the woman's friend arrived at the man's apartment complex, near 24th Street and Jefferson Avenue, police said he was met on the stairs by the man, who was carrying a "short, black, 9mm pistol."

"He asked for the lantern and the victim gave it to him and started to leave," Conley said. "The man told him to run and he heard gunfire and didn't know if (the man) had attempted to shoot him or not, but he called police and said he wanted to pursue charges."

Officers located a 9mm bullet casing in the parking lot and interviewed a witness who said she saw the man point the gun at the victim, but Conley said it will be "hard to prove" that the man actually had the intent to shoot the victim, as his back was turned.

"All we have is the 14-year-old witness and the bullet casing and we have to prove he had direct intent to cause bodily harm, that he didn't just shoot into the air," Conley said. "I'm sure that'll be his response."

— Emiley Morgan