He's donating his motocross bike to a local dealer who has agreed to hang it on the showroom wall.

He'll sell his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. "It was too heavy to ship" overseas under State Department rules.

He nightly studies a State Department manual prepared for him, which includes Mandarin Chinese words he doesn't know like "nuclear missile disarmament."

Only three Huntsman children will make their home in China.

Jon III, 18, recently joined the Navy, in a special five-year program through which he will enter the U.S. Naval Academy the summer of 2010. He's now in boot camp in New Mexico.

William, 16, will play football at Judge Memorial High School this fall (his dad brags he may be able to play college football), then join his parents in China.

Mary Anne, 24, will continue her concert pianist career, "playing a few engagements in China."

Abigail, 23, is an ABC network news producer, recently assigned in New York City. "She wants to be (an on-air) reporter."

Elizabeth, 20, is finishing college in Pennsylvania.

Gracie Mei, 10, the adopted daughter from China, will attend the International School in Beijing.

Asha, 3, an adopted daughter from India, will attend the India diplomatic school in Beijing.

Besides her duties as the ambassador's wife, Mary Kaye, is learning Mandarin Chinese from a computer program.