To those birthers offended by being labeled "nutcakes," I would ask, what are you preferring to be called? No matter what evidence is put up, you refuse to accept any of it. The birth certificate is verified by the state of Hawaii, it is posted online, and copies of the birth notice in Honolulu papers from 1961 have been shown. His mother was a citizen born in Kansas. Birthers could be called obstinate, bull-headed or out in left field. You are making yourselves poster boys for the wrong issues.

What are the reasons for believing that there is doubt on President Barack Obama's natural-born citizenship? Are you saying that his mother knew in 1961 that her son would run for president and she had the presence of mind to go through all the hoops to make it only look like he was born in Hawaii? All of this doubt stretches the bounds of credibility. If you don't believe all the facts, that's up to you, but over this issue it is natural for those with common sense to want to label you something, and "nutcake" is about as good as anything else, and if you've listened to Orly Taitz, she just foams at the mouth.

Move on to other issues that matter. Put your energies into solving the economy, health care, foreclosures, feeding the hungry and doing something constructive such as getting Utah's residents out to vote. Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii, and to say "just show us proof" is just plain nuts. The proof has been shown.

Thomas D. Coppin