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Eyes on the fries

I enjoyed the article on In-N-Out coming to the Wasatch Front.

I like In-N-Out. I used to drive or fly into Los Angeles at least monthly and usually twice monthly on business. I always found an excuse to slip into Inglewood, which is where I knew there was an In-N-Out. I liked the french fries, of all things, because they were cut by hand and cooked right there at the restaurant.

But I also have found that Five Guys in Salt Lake (out of Maryland or D.C., I believe) is every bit as good. Trust me, I will be an In-N-Out patron, but I am sure that every bit as often, I'll be back to Five Guys. Again why? Great homemade french fries. They are two great eateries!

Jerry Alexandroweiscz

Cottonwood Heights