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Five years' worth of home lessons

I've learned a thing or two about making a happy home in five years. (Happy anniversary, Hubby!)

Here's a lesson for each year:

1. Don't discount the bonding potential in the kitchen. The aroma of cooking food, conversations over meals, even whining about doing dishes are all memorable moments.

2. A messy living room isn't inviting. Simply put, keep it tidy.

3. If you can, have separate closets and bathrooms. He'll never understand your need for that many shoes, and you won't understand why he doesn't color coordinate.

4. Remove anything that robs you of total comfort in the bedroom and add whatever is missing, pronto! (You hoped I'd say something else, didn't you?)

5. Ignore the honey-do list and so will he. Nag him, and he'll ignore you. Solution: Alternate between the two until it's done.

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