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UVU talent

I appreciated Erica Hansen's positive review of "The Fantasticks" (Aug. 12). The Sundance/Utah Valley University production is indeed "solid" and celebrates the return of a beloved Utah family tradition, the Sundance Outdoor Summer Theatre.

While noting the accomplishments of the actors, the tone of Hansen's review seems to question the actual involvement of UVU in this production. While she was busy counting BYU noses in the playbill, she overlooked that the majority of the artists and technicians involved are associated with UVU and its theater department. David Tinney, the director who "assembled a fine cast" is an "artist in residence" at UVU. The set designer, costume designer, technical director and producers are UVU faculty and staff. The stage manager, lighting designer and makeup designer are UVU senior students. The costumers, set construction, prop makers, scenic painters, makeup technicians and run crew are UVU students.

Rather than dismissing UVU's involvement, with a little deeper reporting Hansen may have also recognized the school's "solid" commitment to its mission statement and to the arts.

Stephen Purdy


Theater Department

Utah Valley University