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Jim Rayburn: Good time: Gabbing about golf with guys

Here I am, up Fairview Canyon, staying in a cabin near Gooseberry with about a dozen golfing buddies. While the steaks are on the grill and the corn is heading to a boil, we're talking golf — as always — before heading down to Palisade in the morning for our annual road-trip tourney.

Here's a little smorgasbord of my friends' thoughts on golf and some of their memorable moments on the course. I'm sure you all have similar groups, similar outings and similar stories, and can relate.

Garth: "I wish the pros would start turning in all the tournament scores and the UGA would do a better job of insisting they turn in tournament scores. The UGA just needs to do a better job of monitoring that kind of stuff and to make it easier on pros to post tournament scores. Right now, there's too many scores from tournaments that are not getting posted, and guys are getting away with manipulating their handicaps for too long."

Robert: "Remember when Milan on No. 14 (at Hobble Creek) took that big huge divot that stuck to his club and threw the divot and the ball right over his shoulder behind him and over the fence? He looked at us and said 'Where did it go?' Sonny (Braun) looked at him, trying not to laugh, and said 'I think you might be out of bounds.' "

Garth: "I remember that time that Ted's group teed off No. 11 and then when we stepped up on the tee to tee off and Teddy came driving back in the cart and I asked him 'What's wrong, did you lose your ball?' and Teddy said 'No, I forgot to hit.' "

Rich: "I think there ought to be a rule against little fat guys hitting it farther than big fat guys. I'm tired of everybody hitting it farther than me."

Kent: "You know how much more fun it would be if the hole was the size of a five-gallon bucket. That's the kind of golf I could enjoy more. And on Wednesday, off the first tee, you should be able to hit until you're happy."

Court: "I wish there was a comfort zone in golf. You're just never in that zone like other sports. Right when you think you've got the game figured out, that's right when you'll hit the worst shot of your life."

Milan: "I made a hole-in-one once, but it was the last time I played golf because my partner was so excited that he tackled me and broke my back."

Alan: "I've brought a lot of people out here to Utah from Pittsburgh to play golf, and everyone thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to them. And these are guys who've played golf at the best courses in the world. We have it pretty good here."

Rich: "The greatest thing about golf is the camaraderie we have. That's really the reason we all play this game."

I think all golfers can all say "Amen" to that one.