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Dear Abby: Military's age limits may limit job possibilities

Dear Abby: I am 40, married and blessed with a wonderful family. I have spent my entire career working for the same company. Several years ago, I was promoted to a position I thought I wanted. However, I have come to hate my job. The best part is the paycheck.

I earn a decent salary, and I don't want to seem unappreciative, especially in these economic times, but I feel there is more to life than what someone earns.

Recently, I have thought about joining the military. My husband is very supportive and has told me countless times that being happy is the most important part of life. I want to do something with my life that matters, rather than simply going to work each day dreading the time I am there. My dilemma is with my parents.

I know they will feel it is ridiculous to quit a perfectly good job and go into the military. What advice do you have for me? — Woman at the Crossroads of Life

Dear at the Crossroads: Your dilemma may not be with your parents. The various branches of the armed forces have age limits beyond which they will not accept enlistees.

So my advice is to begin calling the recruitment centers, telling them your background and asking if you qualify to apply. If you are accepted, you can then tell your parents the "good news."

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