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Praise for teachers

Whining about poor teachers causing him to get a mediocre education (Bruce Bronson, Readers' Forum, Aug. 9) and that now he has a solution — privatization — is bogus at best. I taught in two different districts before settling in Davis for 28 years. Of these years, I can only remember two teachers in one school and one in another who would be called mediocre. And they were fired. It's the National Education Association, like most all unions, that make it difficult or impossible to get rid of unqualified employees.

Twelve classrooms, and Mr. B. had poor teachers in every room? Hogwash! Also, when a student comes to learn, you can't stop him or her from learning! And the solution to finding and keeping good teachers is the same as with any company that wants good to excellent employees. Start them with a salary that will attract qualified people who won't have to spend their careers in education working two jobs!

Jene Kartchner