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BYU-I enrollment shows students staying for summer

REXBURG, Idaho — Statistics released this week show that enrollment in Summer Session at Brigham Young University-Idaho is consistent with last year's numbers. According to BYU-Idaho Student Records and Registration Office, 485 students are attending at least one of the six-week courses offered between Spring and Fall Semesters. Last summer 486 were enrolled.\"One important statistic is that 71 percent of students attending

Summer Session were here during Spring Semester,\" said Kyle Martin BYU-I registrar. \"That

tells us that a lot of students are staying around to take more classes

after the semester is over.\"Of the 485 students attending, 181 are freshmen, 111 are sophomores, 86

are juniors and 107 are seniors. The enrollment consists of 222 males

and 263 females. About 35 percent of the students have served full-time

missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are

also 12 international students, representing eight countries.This year's Summer Session offers 46 courses, and most people attending are full-time students working toward graduation. However, anyone who wishes can enroll in the classes through the Department of Continuing Education.