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Have a plan for pets in case of emergency

Dear Readers: If an emergency happened and you had to be gone for a few days, who would take care of your pets? Will those people know how to get into your home?

If you live in an apartment, find out what is necessary so the manager can give a friend access to feed your pet. You might need to have written permission on file or make a spare key to give a friend in case a manager won't allow access.

Take the time now to find out who will help if you're unable to take care of your pet.

— Heloise

Dear Heloise: Cleaning my parakeet's cage was always a time-consuming chore. Then I came up with the idea of cutting several layers of newspaper to cover the bottom of the cage. Now when I need to clean the cage, I can just pull off the top layer and it's done!

— Jerry from Pennsylvania

Dear Readers: Stan and Christine Szepatowski of Amsterdam, N.Y., sent a photo of their big cat, Ruthie, with huge, lightweight, foam pink flamingo glasses on! The Szepatowskis say: "Ruth thought she was going on vacation, and she was ready to go. Ruthie and her brother Bo were adopted through a senior adopt program at a local shelter. Who said 'old' cats can't have fun? Give them a second chance. You'll be glad you did."

To see Ruthie in her fancy glasses, visit

— Heloise

Dear Heloise: When my dog Mandy had stuff in her eye, the vet prescribed ointment in a tiny tube for $20. She has another appointment tomorrow for the same thing. After checking with two pharmacies, I found the same ointment for $13 and $4! You might want to check prices for your vet prescriptions.

— Marilyn Shigo, Durham, N.H.

Dear Heloise: My two miniature rat terriers are spoiled rotten and will take their medicine only if I feed it to them in a little butter or peanut butter from a spoon. I hated having a dirty spoon in the sink all the time.

Then I remembered that I have tons of plastic spoons from fast-food restaurants in a kitchen "junk" drawer. So, when it's time for a pill, I grab one of these spoons and load it with the pill and butter, and the girls take the pill with no problem. When they are done, I simply toss the spoon in the trash.

— Chris, via e-mail

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