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LDS Church News: French LDS musicians organize classical music concerts

An international choir and orchestra numbering more than 100 participants and comprised almost entirely of LDS Church members performed three concerts July 10-12 in France.

This year marked the second edition of the OPUS 26 Choir and Orchestra. In 2008 the organization had 83 people, including 25 orchestra musicians. But 2009 saw the undertaking grow to include a 40-person orchestra and 101 total participants from 10 countries.

"It was a wonderful event this year, considering the number of nations participating in this project," said event organizer Gerard Cadet. "The choir also considerably improved compared to last year."

The project began when three French LDS musicians — Cadet, Olivier Seube and Christophe Seube &#8212 hatched the idea of gathering all available musicians and singers from French-speaking Europe for a week of playing classical, Baroque and chamber music that would culminate in several live performances.

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