A Sandy piano tuner's tools have been recovered after they were stolen near Hogle Zoo Tuesday, police said.

Ann Kinane said she had parked her car with the tools inside at Hogle Zoo so she could go for a bike ride. She said she left at the same time as another bicyclist, who got back from his ride before Kinane and served as a witness, and more, to the crime.

"They saw the person taking stuff out of my vehicle, and he actually chased them and got their license plates," Kinane said.

Kinane reported the theft to police, who tried to locate the thief through his license plate number, but that route led to a dead end, said Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Robin Snyder. She said it is not uncommon for people to move and not change their address, making license plates difficult to track.

Police then pursued seven or eight other leads before locating the 45-year-old thief, Snyder said. He was arrested for investigation of vehicle burglary.

Kinane said she has not been able to look at what police have recovered, but she would be grateful to have any of her tools back, as they took her 20 years to collect.

"I don't know if they got all of my equipment," Kinane said. "I know they were able to get some of it back, and something is better than nothing."

Kinane said this is the second time items relating to her trade have been stolen. Four months ago, her piano strings and "smaller miscellaneous parts" also were taken from her vehicle.

"It's very strange how they just take everything and don't even look at what they are taking," Kinane said. "If they looked at it, they would realize it's not worth anything to them."

Snyder said Kinane was "very lucky." She said there were 4,700 car-related burglaries, vandalisms, thefts and similar crimes last year, and the number of incidents the police were able to resolve was "very low."

"I think the whole lesson here is: don't leave something out that is tempting to criminals," Snyder said. "If you have something of value, leave it at home or at least out of sight."

Snyder said the tools are being held as evidence, but Kinane will be able to retrieve them Monday.

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