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Dehydrated hiker rescued in canyon

DRAPER — A 34-year-old man was rescued from Upper Corner Canyon early Friday after becoming dehydrated on a hike, officials said.

The call for help came around midnight from the man's two hiking companions, who were able to call for search and rescue from their cell phones, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Don Hutson.

The man's friends were more experienced hikers and were able to "double back to an area where there was a water supply on the mountain," when they realized their friend was showing symptoms of dehydration, Hutson said.

The man was so dehydrated that he was unable to keep any liquid down. He said his legs were numb and that he was struggling to walk, police said.

"It became more dicey, and so search and rescue was called out," Hutson said. "We also called the state helicopter. … The helicopter was able to respond fairly close to where the victim was on the mountain."

The man was transported to Alta View Hospital in fair condition and arrived there around 3 a.m. Hutson said the men started the hike around 3 p.m. and weren't planning on an overnight hike.

— Emiley Morgan