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Wright beaned by Cain's fastball, taken to hospital

New York Mets' David Wright is hit with a pitch during the fourth inning against the San Francisco Giants, Saturday.
New York Mets' David Wright is hit with a pitch during the fourth inning against the San Francisco Giants, Saturday.
Frank Franklin Ii, Associated Press

NEW YORK — Mets third baseman David Wright was taken from Citi Field in an ambulance after being hit squarely in the helmet by a 94 mph fastball from San Francisco Giants starter Matt Cain on Saturday.

Wright, wearing a gray shirt and black shorts, was shown on television stepping unaided into the back of an ambulance about 50 minutes after he was hit in the fourth inning of a scoreless game. The ambulance left the ballpark with a police escort.

The Mets said that Wright was examined in the clubhouse and would be further checked at The Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

Cain's 0-2 pitch hit Wright just above the brim of the helmet, sending it flying as Wright fell to the ground in the right-handed batter's box.

Wright lay motionless on his stomach for over a minute before trainers helped turn him over onto his back. One trainer leaned in close as Wright was on his stomach, talking to the third baseman. After Wright was turned over, he sat up and a trainer shone a light in his eyes.

Wright was helped to his feet and walked off the field with limited help. Fans gave him a loud ovation.

Cain, who had thrown just seven balls in the first three innings, walked halfway in toward the plate and sat in a crouch as trainers attended to Wright. Giants manager Bruce Bochy visited the mound at the end of the 3-minute delay.

Fernando Tatis ran for the All-Star starter and stayed in the game at third.

Wright, who had a cold earlier in the week and did not start Tuesday in Arizona, has played in all but one of the Mets' 116 games this season.

New York starter Johan Santana threw behind the back of San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval, but missed him in the seventh inning. That drew a warning for both teams from home plate umpire Brian O'Nora.

Sandoval responded by hitting a home run, boosting the Giants' lead to 4-1. Santana then hit the next batter, catcher Bengie Molina, but wasn't ejected. San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy argued with O'Nora about the non-ejection, but Mets manager Jerry Manuel removed the star left-hander at that point anyway.