Last week, a buddy called me to complain about not having anyone to date.

\"Dude, I just can't find anyone to go out with.\"

Trying to act sympathetic: \"You live in Utah — the Mormon Maiden Mecca.\"

\"Yeah, but...\"

\"But what? You go to parties, ward and stake activities, institute. There is a plethora of women to meet.\"

\"It's always the same crowd.\"

\"No, you just happen to hang around the same group of people. You've gotta branch out.\"

I then recounted to him how my new calling as stake family home evening co-chair gave me reason to connect people.

Although my

responsibilities were never laid out specifically, the stake high councilor left an underpinning thought with me — find activities

that present opportunities for people to meet and date.

Taking that message

to heart, every stake activity starts with a prayer, spiritual thought,

and ... my obnoxious salutation: \"Glad you could all make it out

tonight. Now it's time to mix, mingle and find someone to date.\" It

usually gets a laugh or two out of the crowd.

But seriously, if someone isn't doing anything to meet new people, what's to be expected?

So, here's my rant.

(And, I realize this rests more on the guys.) Go to activities, break

out of your comfort shell, introduce yourselves to someone new. Make a

game out of it — the guy with the most phone numbers at the end of the

night wins!

OK, maybe that's not a great idea. Just have fun making new friends, and being a friend. You'll be surprised what follows.