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Arson suspected, again, in West Jordan blaze

A West Jordan modular home that burned in a suspected arson incident in March was on fire again early Sunday morning and, again, has raised suspicion with fire officials.

West Jordan Fire Department Battalion Chief Reed Scharman said Sunday that the house located at 3832 W. Country Squire (8535 South) has been unoccupied since a fire on March 21 left it uninhabitable. About 1:15 a.m. Sunday, neighbors reported smoke coming from the home again, and Scharman said firefighters took about 20-25 minutes to extinguish the blaze.

An investigation following the March fire concluded it's cause was intentional, and Scharman said some arrests were made in the case which is now being handled by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's office. Sunday's fire has also raised concerns.

"The fire last night, while still under investigation, looks like it was also intentionally set," Scharman said.

Scharman was not able to discuss details of the first incident, since it is now a matter being handled by the DA's office and wouldn't comment about whether or not he thought the two fires could be connected.

A damage estimate for the fire was not immediately available. Scharman said it was going to be difficult to evaluate the extent Sunday's fire since the damage from the March blaze had not yet been repaired.