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Emily W. Jensen: Sunstone Symposium: Mormon journals face economic struggles

  1. Five editors who spoke at Sunstone on Aug. 14 expounded on their goal to "make Mormon publishing into something that can continue to be viable and continue to contribute to Mormon culture."Stephen Carter, editor of Sunstone; Shelah Miner, features editor of Segullah; Angela Hallstrom, co-editor of Irreantum; Mike Hunter, academic review editor for new media at BYU Studies; and Kristine Haglund, editor for Dialogue, pooled their collective editing experience to discuss contemporary struggles and solutions for traditionally publishing Mormon magazines and journals.Carter began by outlining the three reasons Mormon publications are hitting some lean times:Consumers think information should be free.
  2. The recession is affecting Mormon publications.
  3. The blogs are taking away the Mormon magazine and journal audience since they are real-time conversations.
  4. He advanced three ways traditional Mormon publications could once again flourish:Significantly focus on quality, "producing longer and more nuanced works."
  5. Unify the publication efforts.
  6. Focus more on the things that "unify and vitalize us as a Mormon community."