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BYU's Travis Bright trying to earn spot with Cowboys

Five views of guard Travis BrightTravis

Bright is an undrafted free agent who was an all-Mountain West

Conference second-team selection last season as a senior at BYU. He is one of

seven guards on the Cowboys roster.Bright

had five teams interested in him when the draft ended. He narrowed it

to the Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals. "I talked with my agent, and

we decided the offense they ran would really go with what I did at

BYU," Bright said. "Im in Dallas, you know. Who doesnt want to be a

Dallas Cowboy?"Bright

served a two-year Mormon mission in Detroit. "I was able to share the

teachings of Jesus Christ and about my church," Bright said. "We also

were able to do a lot of community service at soup kitchens and things

like that. Even if they didnt want to hear your message, you wanted to

serve them any way you could."